5 Essential Tips for Retailers Buying Kurtis from A Wholesale Market

The wholesale market provides bulk Indian clothing at cheaper prices, while also focusing on quality and comfort of the clothes. They do so by removing the tardy chain of middlemen and their markups. Wholesalers are in direct contact with the manufacturers and at times, they might be the manufacturers themselves. This enables them to keep a check on the production costs and product quality of Indian garments such as kurtis, kurtas, suit sets, tunics, etc. Some of the most sought after wholesale markets in India for kurtis are located in Jaipur, Gujarat, Mumbai, etc.

While it can be quite overwhelming for retailers and resellers to shop kurtis from the wholesale market at reasonable rates, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind before you make the bulk purchases.

Following tips are all that you need to know about buying from a wholesale market to resell it further.

1. Know your target audience

Being a retailer, the foremost thing to keep in mind is to know the audience you wish to target and sell your products to. The audience can be urban or rural, middle-aged or young, contemporary or traditional, etc. For kurtis, the target audience is generally urban women of all ages. One can also select the target audience as college going girl or middle-age housewives. Figuring out who you will be selling your products to will ultimately decide the kind of Indian clothing you will be purchasing from the wholesale market. Tastes and preferences of women in kurtis also depend on the state or the city they belong to. All these factors need to be kept in mind at the time of selecting your target audience.  For example- Rajasthani women prefer kurtis with traditional Indian embroideries such as zari, gota patti, etc. A range of georgette kurtis wholesale are available in these beautiful embroideries and detailing.

2. Do your research & calculations

Starting up a retail store isn’t a cakewalk. One must do his research and be well-learned when it comes to facts and figures. Check out the prices of retail kurtis at various well-known stores that will eventually serve as your competitors. Now start crunching numbers and calculate the minimum profit margin that you will be keeping for your kurtis. Compare the retail prices with the wholesale prices. The difference between the two would be your profit. Higher the difference, higher would be the earnings.

3. Search for genuine wholesalers of kurtis

Next and the most important step is to lookout for genuine wholesalers of kurtis, kurtas, tunics, salwar suits and indo-westerns. Many wholesale markets provide a range of stylish and trendy kurtis at the most affordable prices. Although the process of searching for wholesalers can be quite tedious and time-consuming, once you’ve landed up at a good wholesale shop, you wouldn’t have to look out for the wholesalers again. You can also look for genuine wholesalers online and save much of your time and energy. The trick is to play smart and know the top players in the industry. Many Jaipur kurtis wholesalers online provide you kurtis and kurtas at affordable prices. They do so by removing middlemen and their markups. Also, outright online presence helps wholesalers to do away with brick and mortar expenses.

At times, the wholesaler and the manufacturer might be the same person. This helps them reduce their costs further. It is always advisable to compare prices of various wholesalers so that you do not end up falling prey to overcharging companies.

4. Ask for Services offered

When you have selected your wholesaler, you might always want to check if they provide purchases on credit basis, with little or no advance. This is important because many a times purchases are made in bulk and the cash may not be handy. Apart from this, also check the quality of products, minimum command requirements and types of services offered. Do not look for just genuine prices of kurtis and suit sets. Also make sure that they are of latest trends and good quality fabrics. Many Jaipur kurtis wholesalers online provide designer kurtis at best prices along with a host of other services to make your purchase hassle-free. While selecting a wholesaler, always make sure you check their goodwill and credibility.

Apart from this, also ask suppliers about their minimum order requirements as they might be pretty large in certain cases. Every supplier has a different policy and it is better to be safe than sorry.

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