What Makes Jaipur The Hub For Jaipuri Kurti Manufacturing?

Jaipuri Kurti’, the name itself suggest that why Jaipur is the hub of Jaipuri Kurti manufacturing but, have you ever wondered that it could have been Delhi kurti, Chennai Kurti, Mumbai Kurti or any other city specific kurti then, why kurti manufacturing started only in Jaipur? We are sure that you have already started scratching your head to get the answers and here we are with all the reasons that made Jaipur the hub for Kurti manufacturing

Historical connections of hand block prints and tie-dye

Although hand block printing was originally developed in ancient china, it slowly and steadily became one of the most popular styles of printing in India especially in the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Being the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur became the precursor of beautiful hand block print and tie dye followed by other cities of Rajasthan. These beautiful prints make the baseline for Jaipuri printed kurtis manufacturing and with a historical connection, it is obvious for Jaipur to become hub for kurti manufacturing and wholesale.

City of colors

Just lay your eyes on the whole assortment of Jaipuri wholesale kurti and you would notice multitude or colors involved to create these graciously chic women clothing. With Jaipur called as pink city, it is obvious that colors have a connection with Jaipur and hence, it is easy to find various hues here in Jaipur that could help in creating these amazing ethnic clothing.

Various prints

Hand block print is a generic term used for various styles of printing like Bagru, Sanganeri, Pigment, Ajrak, Dabu, Batik, gold and silver khari print and various others. Similarly, tie and dye is also a generic term that is used for various styles of printing like Bandhej, Leheriya, Panchranga, Ombre and various others. Not just tie-dye and hand block prints, Jaipur also have various other styles of printing techniques like resist, discharge and more that makes it an ideal place for wholesale manufacturing of Jaipuri kurti. While, it is easy to buy Jaipuri Kurtis online, it really needs lot of planning and resources to manufacture these.

Skilled artisans

As already mentioned, there is a historical connection of printing techniques with Jaipur and hence, it is definitely easy to find skilled artisans here. With years of practice and passing on the knowledge to the generations, the artisans of Jaipur are able to create the finest quality and designs of fabric that wows the whole world when woven into Jaipuri printed kurtis.

Cheap labor

When it comes to kurti manufacturing in Jaipur, it costs you a little less than the other parts of the country as you can easily find cheap labor here. With the requirement of basic needs only, people here are ready to work on low wages and hence, helping in the boom of Jaipuri kurti manufacturing market in Jaipur.

Easy availability of resources

When you buy Jaipuri Kurti online, do you realize how many resources are needed to create one single piece? Well if you don’t, let us tell that you really need lots of raw material for this which includes, fabric, colors, dyes, water and a lot others. In Jaipur, you can easily get all these raw materials and resources that would eventually help you to make these amazing clothing.

Ideal weather

With all the essentials procured easily in Jaipur, it is time to check the weather conditions that aids in creating bulk of amazing kurti for women. Well, with not much accolades, we would simply like to put that the weather conditions in Jaipur and its neighboring regions are ideal for the creation of these stunning clothing.

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